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The AAS staff (including staff of Sky and Telescope) are working remotely from their homes to support the social distancing efforts to contain COVID 19. While we are all working to support the S&T community, there may be delays in responding during this time. If you have a question or concern, please contact Camillia Taylor at Click here for information on delays in international deliveries.

This is a difficult time for the entire United States. Aero, our fulfillment partner, is based in Ohio. As you may know, Ohio has closed all non-essential businesses. Aero also provides fulfillment services for P&G and has received an exception from the shut-down. While they will continue to fulfill our orders, there may be a delay in shipping our products because they must give priority to medical, personal healthcare, and cleaning and sanitization products.

To celebrate the launch of ShopatSky, you will receive a free Pocket Sky Atlas with the purchase of the Deluxe laminated Sky Atlas 2000.0 while supplies last!

The Solar Eclipse Globe has arrived!

Earth globe showing asia

This is the first globe ever constructed that depicts the paths of total solar eclipses — nature’s most spectacular sky sights. Transparent yellow bands mark the paths of every total solar eclipse from 2001 to 2100. Each of these is labeled with a small, red-rimmed yellow circle at the point where the duration of totality is longest, along with the eclipse’s date (reckoned in Universal Time) and totality’s maximum duration. Also included are the extremely thin paths of “hybrid” solar eclipses, which can appear total or annular depending on the observer’s location along the path. This unique globe was designed and constructed by cartographer (and avid eclipse-chaser) Michael Zeiler of

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SkyWatch 2019 Digital Issue

In this digital issue you'll find everything you need to know about getting started in amateur astronomy, whether you're starting from your backyard, a local star party, or a national park. Whether you're a novice or experienced skygazer, SkyWatch will help you up your observing skills a notch or two —or more! And here in one place are big evening sky charts for every month of 2019.


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Maps & Globes

Sky & Telescope's Mars Globe

See Mars up close with our classic 12-inch globe. Created with more than 6,000 orbiter images, the globe is colored to mimic Mars's true appearance.


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